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This edition: New Hope For People With Hepatitis C

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An estimated 4 million people in the United States have chronic Hepatitis C, most are unaware of their infection, and the majority of those infected are Baby Boomers (people born between 1946-1964). The word hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease that results from infection caused by the Hepatitis C virus. This virus is usually spread when infected blood enters the body. Many people became infected through the sharing of needles or other drug injecting paraphernalia in the distant past, as well as unsterile tattoo and piercing equipment. Patients who had blood transfusions or organ transplants prior to 1992 may also be at risk for Hepatitis C. There are vaccines available for Hepatitis A and B, but there is no vaccine available for Hepatitis C. While there is no cure for Hepatitis C, research reveals that chronic hepatitis C may be curable in some patients who undergo therapy. In this program we will meet the scientists and the sufferers who have done battle with Hepatitis C and hear their stories.

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