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This edition: Catching A Killer

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Meningococcal Disease is serious infection with a dangerous and often well-deserved deadly reputation. Meningococcal disease which can cause a lethal form of bacterial meningitis as well as septic shock can strike quickly often without any warning at all and leave the patient dead or seriously impaired in a matter of hours. But there are ways to prevent meningococcal disease. The goal of this program is to educate viewers about meningococcal disease and the vaccines that are available to prevent it. We will hear from a patient who had the condition, see why it wasn't discovered by the ER physicians who initially treated her and find out what telltale symptom lead her doctor to give her lifesaving treatment. We will highlight the importance of immunization and booster shots for children and teenagers and encourage parents to be more proactive in their children's healthcare and work collaboratively with their own physicians and their children's pediatricians.

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