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This edition: Advances In Treating Colon Cancer With Surgery

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Colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women. But it's also a cancer that can often be prevented by early and appropriate screening. Also, regular screening - when people are in their 40's - 50's - can often find colon cancer early, when it is most likely to be curable. In this program we look at treating colon and rectal cancer and focus on a surgical advance that may be helping patients recover faster. It's minimally invasive colon surgery. Unlike the traditional operations with large incisions and longer recovery times - the minimally invasive procedure involves smaller incisions - and a much shorter recovery. This can help reduce both the physical and emotional impact on patients' lives. Plus if the cancer is found early enough - this minimally invasive procedure may be all the treatment they need. We'll also see why the comprehensive care model works so well in colon & rectal cancer by treating the patient as well as the cancer.

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