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This edition: Onychomycosis: Learning About Nail Fungus

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Our fingernails are sometimes one of the first things others notice about us, and can often be indicators of various health issues. Our toenails, not seen as easily, can also tell a lot about us. Because when they become exposed to bacteria, virus, or fungi, the result may lead to a condition called, Onychomycosis, commonly known as a "Nail Fungus." Onychomycosis starts within the nail bed, and can spread to other nails. It can even spread to other people. It?s a condition that affects up to 14% of Americans, and is the cause of up to 50% of all nail disorders. This time on Healthy Body Health Mind, we?ll explore the condition of Onychomycosis; learn how to help avoid its occurrence, and what to do if it strikes.

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