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This edition: Opioid Induced Constipation: Improving Patients Quality of Life

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Opioids are a class of medications that have proven to be a valuable tool in controlling pain. They target specific areas in the brain to alleviate discomfort related to cancer, post-operative pain, back injuries and a myriad of other conditions. But opioids can also affect the body's gastrointestinal tract, making it difficult to maintain regular bowel movements. The result is often acute constipation. In fact, constipation can become so severe that some patients choose to stop taking their medications, forcing them to cope with anguishing pain. This time on Healthy Body Healthy Mind, we will learn about the need to balance ongoing chronic pain with the side effects that can often result from taking prescribed opioids. Plus, we will meet patients who deal with these issues, and medical experts who help them navigate these challenges.

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