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This edition: Cambodian Community in the Bronx

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Original tape date: August 11, 2017.

First aired: August 14, 2018.

In the 1980’s, more than one million South Asians from Cambodia – victims of war and genocide - were granted asylum and resettled in the United States. It was the largest refugee resettlement program in our country’s history. Many of the Cambodians came to Bronx, New York, at a time when most people were leaving the borough. Their history and experience is documented in Eric Tang’s “Unsettled: Cambodian Refugees in New York City Hyperghetto.” Asian American Life Host and Correspondent Ernabel Demillo shares their untold stories and how this hidden community is being rediscovered.

Guest List

Chhaya Chhoum Founder, Mekong NYC

Eric Tang, PhD. Associate Professor & Author, University of Texas at Austin; “Unsettled: Cambodian Refugees in New York City Hyperghetto”