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This edition: Summer of the Gun

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 17, 2012.

First aired: September 26, 2012.

On this edition of Independent Sources, we examine why gun violence is up in New York City despite the police department's claims that the city is the safest it's been in years. We talk to two filmmakers about their new documentary that highlights the history of Latin American immigration to the United States. Then, we learn about a program that's helping young women deal with real-life problems through drama.

Guest List

Nayaba A. Arinde Editor, New York Amsterdam News

Robin Holmes-Myers Project Director, Operation S.N.U.G. - Harlem

Abi Ishola Independent Sources

Eduardo López Co-Director & Producer, Harvest of Empire

Toya Lillard Executive Director, viBe Theater Experience

Marina Maloney Participant, viBe Theater Experience

Marlene Peralta Host/Producer, Independent Sources/Science & U!

Garry Pierre-Pierre Producer/Co-Host, Independent Sources

Shelika Ramsey Participant, viBe Theater Experience

Wendy Thompson-Marquez Producer, Harvest of Empire

Vianora Vinca Producer/Co-Host, Independent Sources

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