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This edition: Biking Access

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 6, 2015.

First aired: April 8, 2015.

On this edition of Independent Sources hosted Garry Pierre-Pierre, Zyphus Lebrun speaks to Do J. Lee and David Bernal of the Biking Public Project about the larger issues of race and class surrounding the topic of access to bike share programs in the city. Then Garry Pierre-Pierre interviews Nelson A. Denis about his new book, “War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony.” The book explores a very turbulent time in that island's history that was marked, in part, by assassination attempts and acts of arson. Then Sarah Pizon learns more about the upcoming Havana Film Festival from one of the festival’s coordinators Diana Vargas and John Sikes a producer on one of the films entered into the competition.

Guest List

David Bernal Activist, The Biking Public Project

Nelson A. Denis Author, “War Against All Puerto Ricans”

Do J. Lee Bike Scholar/Activist, CUNY Graduate Center

John Sikes Producer, “The Troublemaker, Behind the Scenes of the United Nations”

Diana Vargas Artistic Director, Havana Film Festival New York

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