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This edition: The Candidates: Trump/Clinton

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Original tape date: September 12, 2016.

First aired: September 14, 2016.

On this edition of Independent Sources, hosted by Garry Pierre-Pierre, we look at one of the most contentious issues of the election: immigration. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has staked his campaign on promising to deport more than 11 million people who are undocumented. He has also promised to build a wall along the Mexico border and restricting entry of Muslims to the U.S. Meanwhile Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton disagrees and has pledged to integrate undocumented immigrants into American society. Joining Garry to discuss this topic are Nida Khan, a freelance journalist, and Dr. David Kuranga, Associate Adjunct Political Science Professor at CUNY.

Guest List

Nida Khan Freelance Journalist

David Kuranga, Ph.D. Associate Adjunct Professor, The City University of New York

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