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This edition: Christian Picciolini, Life after Hate

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Original tape date: September 10, 2018.

First aired: October 9, 2018.

Racist embers were stoked during the 2016 presidential campaign and subsequent election of Donald Trump. But while racial tensions feel particularly dangerous right now, it’s important to remember that they are not new...

“I should know. Thirty years ago, I was complicit in spreading similar seeds of intolerance. For eight years of my life — and despite the fact that I was not raised in a racist environment — I was a hateful and violent white supremacist.” These are the words of Christian Picciolini author of “White American Youth: My Descent into America’s Most Violent Hate Movement — and How I Got Out,” published in 2017.

Anthony Tamburri met up with Christian Picciolini at the Calandra Institute.

Guest List

Christian Picciolini Co-founder, Life After Hate

Cav. Anthony Julian Tamburri, PhD. Dean, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute - Queens College

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