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This edition: Film Industry

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Because producing, promoting, and distributing a single film costs millions of dollars, money is even more of a determining factor for which finished products emerge than it is in other media. At the same time, the variety of ways a film can make money has multiplied. Video production technologies are becoming more accessible due to more moderate pricing, allowing for a boom in low-budget, independent films that do not require a huge return on investment. The cable, video, Internet, and multimedia industries provide new distribution venues that push for new content. Revenue from the ancillary and secondary markets for film products usually eclipses the revenue numbers that come from the box office. This lesson looks at how the complex business of motion pictures is structured, including film production, distribution, and exhibition. It analyses the effects of digitalization on the making and distribution of movies. The lesson explores the behind-the-scene production processes; the new technologies that add to what is possible; the changing strategies that drive the promotion, distribution, and exhibition functions of the film industry;, and the ownership trends shaped by increasing cross-media integration and ownership.