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Almost all network and cable television news organizations are, first and foremost, businesses. While it is no secret that the business aspects of news gathering and reporting influence what we see on the news, financial considerations are usually kept very much “backstage.” Most television news is meant to make audiences feel that they are seeing what is of the most interest and importance to them, and that the reporting is fair and objective. These qualities are the foundation of what most people think of as journalistic integrity. Ongoing technological advances also strongly influence what can be reported within a newsroom budget. Television is a relatively young medium, so approaches to televised news gathering and reporting have evolved quickly and continue to go through constant revision and experimentation. This lesson is designed to help you better understand how financial, journalistic, and technological factors combine to create the fast-paced dynamics of newsroom decision-making. The tensions and connections among them produce the ongoing variety and innovation of the television news landscape. This lesson’s exploration of the relationship between the profits and principles of the television news industry should give you a better understanding of how television news is gathered and presented, as well as how approaches to news gathering originated and developed.