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This edition: Global Media

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Global media culture is widely applauded for promoting cross-cultural understanding and community. At the same time, it is accused of trivializing and homogenizing particular cultures and imposing a Western political and corporate agenda on the rest of the world. Both characterizations of global media culture are accurate but incomplete. This lesson illustrates both views and is designed to give you a foundation in the dynamics of global media culture so you can be a more knowledgeable participant. It covers the cultural domination issue and the challenges that developing countries and indigenous cultures face as they strive for information-age empowerment while trying to preserve their cultural identities. It also covers international mass media systems, the role of media in major political changes on the global stage, and the implications of the Internet to the structure of global communication. The video lesson concludes with a look at the future possibilities of global media culture and is designed to help you continue to develop your own insights about the rapidly changing media environment.