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This edition: Gauguin: Maker of Myth

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More than one hundred works by Paul Gauguin-including many of his most sumptuous, appealing colorful images-appear in Gauguin: Maker of Myth, the first major exhibition of his work in the United States in twenty years. Organized around themes of the artist/creator, earthly paradise, the noble savage, and exotic Eve, it examines Gauguin's use of religious and mythological motifs to tell stories, as well as his reinvention and appropriation of myths drawn from his European cultural heritage and Polynesian legend. Narrated by Willem Dafoe and with Alfred Molina as the voice of Paul Gauguin, this thirty-minute film explores Gauguin's struggle to forge a new way of painting by creating myths-about both himself and the subjects he painted in Brittany, Martinique, and Polynesia. (2011)