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This edition: Season 12/Episode #22

Episode Details

Original tape date: July 17, 2017.

First aired: July 20, 2017.

We start this episode in Queens, to talk to Colombian fashion designer and singer Lia Samantha. She has received worldwide recognition in the industry because she uses ancient pieces in her designs which stem from aboriginal cultures and her own Afro-Colombian roots.

Then, we'll go to Lower Manhattan, to the Center for Work Education in the City College
where Carmen Boullosa will interview two well-known experts in transatlantic relations,
Brown University Professor Julio Ortega and the German professor and writer Ottmar Ette.

After that, we'll go to Midtown to talk to Roberto Carlos Lange about his musical and acting work in Helado Negro. Lange parents are from Ecuador but he was born in Florida and currently living in Brooklyn. His artistic work is clearly influenced by the cultural mix.

We'll finish in Brooklyn to get to know the work of the Mexican photographer and activist Cinthya Santos Briones. She'll talk about the different sides of her career as an anthropologist and documentary photographer, including her most recent work: Abuelas

Iniciamos este episodio en Queens para conversar con Lia Samantha, diseñadora
de modas y cantante colombiana quien ha logrado el reconocimiento de la industria 
internacional al utilizar en sus diseños piezas ancestrales tanto indígenas como de
sus raíces afrocolombianas.
Luego vamos al bajo Manhatthan, al Center for Worker Education de City College 
en donde Carmen Boullosa entrevista a dos reconocidos expertos en relaciones
transatlánticas, el profesor de Brown University, Julio Ortega y el escritor y
profesor alemán, Ottmar Ette.
Mas adelante, llegamos a Midtown a conversar con Roberto Carlos Lange sobre 
su trabajo musical y de performance, Helado Negro, y de como haber nacido en
Florida, de padres ecuatorianos, y vivir ahora en Brooklyn, ha influenciado su
trabajo artístico.
Y terminamos en Brooklyn, donde conoceremos el trabajo de la fotógrafa y activista mexicana,  Cinthya Santos Briones.  Con ella hablamos de las múltiples facetas de su
carrera como antropóloga y fotografa documental, y también de su más reciente proyecto fotográfico Abuelas.

En Queens entrevistamos a Lia Samantha diseñadora de modas y cantante
colombiana quien ha logrado el reconocimiento de la industria internacional
al utilizar en sus diseños  piezas ancentrales tanto indígenas como de sus
raíces afrocolombianas

Guest List

Ottmar Ette University Professor and Writer

Roberto Carlos Lange Creator of Helado Negro

Julio Ortega Professor of Hispanic Studies, Brown University

Lia Samantha Fashion Designer and Singer

Cinthya Santos-Briones Photographer and Activist

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