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This edition: Civic Responsibility

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Original tape date: January 18, 2018.

First aired: January 19, 2018.

Sam Roberts talks with Kwame Opam, New York Times Editor for Digital Storytelling and training about how he and his family reacted to President Trump's maligning the lands of his parents' birth.

New York Times journalists Alexander Burns, Shane Goldmacher, Liz Robbins and Nikita Stewart discuss the issues of the week...of which there are many.

And Sam Roberts offers thoughts of the week with "Coda."

Guest List

Alexander Burns National Political Correspondent & CNN Analyst, The New York Times

Shane Goldmacher Chief Metro Political Correspondent, The New York Times

Kwame Opam Editor for Digital Storytelling and Training, The New York Times

Liz Robbins Metro Immigration Reporter, The New York Times

Sam Roberts The New York Times columnist and Host, “The New York Times Close Up with Sam Roberts”

Nikita Stewart Metro Social Services Reporter, The New York Times

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