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This edition: How's deBlasio doing?

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Original tape date: November 29, 2018.

First aired: November 30, 2018.

On this week's edition of "The New York Times Closeup" with Sam Roberts: A bumpy month for New York Mayor Bill deBlasio. Democrats took the state house and the Mayor and Governor Cuomo worked hand in hand to bring Amazon's HQ 2 to NYC. But then the blowback started, with some elected officials and community groups blasting the lucrative dealt to lure Amazon. Then the city was unprepared for a snowstorm. And deBlasio fired the Investigations Commissioner, who charged that the Mayor was trying to quash investigations and reports. So how's the Mayor doing?

US Border agents tear gas migrants trying to get into the country and President Trump threatens a government shutdown if he doesn't get billions for his border wall. Is there any hope for a compromise on immigration?

Plus, a look at a stunning new book on New York City and Sam's thoughts for "Coda."

Guest List

J. David Goodman City Hall Reporter, The New York Times

Clyde Haberman Contributing Writer, The New York Times

Wendell Jamieson Author, Assouline Publishing

Azi Paybarah "New York Today", The New York Times

Eleanor Randolph Contributing Writer, The New York Times

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