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This edition: Biden and Buttigieg

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Original tape date: April 11, 2019.

First aired: April 12, 2019.

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg have not formally announced they are running for president, but both are sucking up a lot of political oxygen. Can the 76 year old Biden get past his gaffes? Can a 37 year old gay mayor of a medium size city be a viable candidate? Meanwhile, NYC Mayor de Blasio is making all the moves you'd expect from a presidential candidate. But with only a 43% job approval rating in NYC, is he a realistic candidate? Plus, a look at The Fresh Air Fund, a non-profit that's been sending low income NYC kids for some summer fun in the country for over 100 years.

Guest List

Mara Gay Editorial Board, The New York Times

Jeffery C. Mays Metro Politics Reporter, The New York Times

Eleanor Randolph Contributing Writer, The New York Times

Fatima Shama Executive Director, Fresh Air Fund, CUNY Alumna

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