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This edition: The Message From The Markets

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Original tape date: June 13, 2019.

First aired: June 14, 2019.

The stock market is strong, but the bond and oil markets are sending out signals that an economic slowdown may be on the way. Add to that the econimic fallout from President Trump's tariffs and trade wars. Is a slowdown on the the horizon and will the Fed ride to the rescue by cutting interest rates?
He's the ultimate road warrior. The 2019 NY Times "52 Places Traveler," Sebastian Modak, goes all over the world and brings readers amazing stories. He'll tell you where he's been and where he's going.
Plus: as the NBA season wraps up, legendary NY Times sportswriter Harvey Araton will tell you about the new book he's edited: "Elevated: The Global Rise of the NBA."

Guest List

Harvey Araton Sportswriter, NY Times

Stephen Grocer Editor, Dealbook, The New York Times

Sebastian Modak "52 Places Traveler", NY Times

Matt Phillips Markets Reporter, NY Times

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