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This edition: Marta Big and Small

Episode Details

Original tape date: February 2, 2018.

First aired: May 8, 2018.

The series opens with Jen Arena’s delightful bilingual book “Marta Big and Small,” a charming story about una niña, an ordinary girl and her extraordinary animal friends. This opening episode looks at the nouns: rabbit, lion, elephant, and turtle, plus the adjectives loud, quiet, big, small, and tasty!

“Reading Books - Leyendo Libros,” is a four-part series featuring four very different children´s books, each read first in English and then Spanish. Reading Books - Leyendo Libros was created by CUNY TV and Emmy-nominated producer Lisa Beth Kovetz. The cinematographer was CUNY’s Emmy-Award winning Carmen Vidal and features CUNY TV producer and Emmy-Award winning Gisela Sanders-Alcántara.