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This edition: Summer Fun with Science

Episode Details

Original tape date: August 28, 2012.

First aired: August 28, 2012.

This edition of "Science & U!" looks at how science intersects and interacts with leisure-time fun in the summer months.

Grant Greenberg goes to a math camp, sponsored by the Art of Problem Solving Foundation, where talented NYC 7th-graders go upstate to solve math and puzzle problems.

Carol Anne Riddell reports from City Splash at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, where water is the main attraction and kids learn about one of our most vital resources from educator Prince Baron.

Mike Gilliam probes the science at the Major League Baseball organization – from the physics of pitches to game data. Donna Hanover talks with the students of Junior HS 157 in Rego Park, Queens about designing an environmentally friendly playground, one that retains rainwater during especially stormy days so the extra water doesn't overwhelm local sewage treatment plants.

Ernabel Demillo observes NASA’s Space Shuttle Enterprise on the aircraft carrier Intrepid, and reports how the Angry Birds video game has moved into space.

Tinabeth Piña goes to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, N.J., to check out fossils, minerals and glow-in-the-dark fluorescent rocks.

And Lisa Beth Kovetz talks to Elliot Zuckerman, founder of Surfer’s Way, which empowers children with special needs to have a fun and safe surfing experience, and to Dr. Thomas Herrington of the Stevens Institute of Technology -- a surfer scientist.

Guest List

Nelia Arnub Math Camper

Prince Baron Educator, Children's Museum of Manhattan

Alexandra Blancato Mine Museum Fan

Stephanie Campos Parent

Stephanie DeJesus Math Camper

Jadon Edwards Mine Museum Fan

Derek Hernandez Math Camper

Dr. Thomas Herrington Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Nerline Hyppolite Math Camp Counselor

Kyreeq Johnson Visiting City Splash

Isiah Joseph Math Camper

Justin Lederer Mine Museum Fan

Kayla Lugo Math Camper

Julia McGann Mine Museum Fan

Ron Mishkin Mining Geologist

Alexa Muller Angry Birds in Space Fan (9-years-old)

Ana Portnoy Math Camp Counselor

Corey Schwartz

Dr. Earl Verbeek Resident Geologist, Sterling Hill Mine Museum

Roger Williams

Samantha Wong Aspiring Scientist (15-year-old student)

Daniel Zaharopol Math Camp Pgm. Director

Elliot Zuckerman Founder, Surfers Way

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