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This edition: Best of 2012

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Original tape date: December 25, 2012.

First aired: December 25, 2012.

• Donna Hanover talks to the animals…and finds out how and why they’re helping humans overcome major hurdles in their lives.

• Ernabel DeMillo gets musical…with instruments made from trash!

• Marlene Peralta digs in to tell you how to compost and turn waste into a much more useful product.

• Play ball! Mike Gilliam talks major league baseball, and the science behind all those special pitches.

• Tinabeth Pina explores how advances in science and medicine are contributing to all of us living longer lives.

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Major League Baseball -
Therapy Animals -

Guest List

Phil Bauer Kennel Manager, ECAD

Camilla Bettig Student

Prof. Kevin Cohen Food Policy Expert, New School

Avril Lindsay Dennis Program Director, The Children’s Village

Keira Doughtery Student

Emily Francois Farmer, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Nathan Hetherington Musician, Bash The Trash

Lawrence Honig, MD, PhD Professor of Clinical Neurology , Columbia University Medical Center

Erika Kapin Musician, Bash the Trash

Bel Kaufman centenarian

Gina Keatley Founder,

Rhonin Khemani Musician, Bash the Trash

Catie Kiernan Student

Ernst Michel octogenarian

Dale Picard Co-Founder, ECAD

Leah Retherford Farm Manager, Queens County Farm Museum

Corey Schwartz VP of Statistics

Roger Williams VP of Media Operations,

Tusha Yakovleva Farmer, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

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