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This edition: Science and Profiles

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Original tape date: April 1, 2015.

First aired: May 5, 2015.

Science & U! this month revisits some segments from our past that profile some remarkable individuals in the world of science:

Ernabel Demillo meets with City College Theoretical Physics Professor, Michio Kaku, to talk about his book, "Physics of The Future."

Mike Gilliam talks with a Battlestar Galactica consultant who says the best superheroes are governed by the laws of real science.

Barry Mitchell sits down with a rocket scientist who shares childhood stories about growing up with a gambling father.

Carol Anne Riddell tells us about a group of former cheerleaders who now lead the cheer for science and their work in closing the gender gap.

We travel to a farm sanctuary that is a safe haven for rescued animals run by City College Professor of Psychology, William Crain.

Donna Hanover speaks with Josie Iselin author of “An Ocean Garden”…who tells us all you wanted to know about the beauty of seaweed in and out of the ocean..and sometimes on the dinner table.

For More Information:
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Guest List

Dr. Amanda Adeleye NY-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center

Darlene Cavalier Founder, Science Cheerleader

William Crain, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, City College of New York

Kevin Grazier, PhD. Science Consultant

Josie Iselin Author, An Ocean Garden

Prof. Michio Kaku Theoretical Physics Professor/Author, The City College/CUNY

Ronald Probstein Author of “Honest Sid”, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

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