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This edition: Season 6/Episode 5: May 2017

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 5, 2017.

First aired: May 2, 2017.

This month Science & U! enters the investing world; uses Hip Hop to teach science; discovers a city-wide initiative to teach computer science; studies mummies; and takes an in-depth look at Lewy Body Dementia.

For those who always wanted to get into investing but never thought they’d be able to compete with the big banks a new service is on its way. Polish company, Exeria, has taken robo-investing and put it in the hands of the everyday investor.

Science is fascinating, but some still find it a little boring; in steps Hip Hop. A group known as FMA Live! and a local science educator have separately found similar ways to get students engaged in science.

It is well known that learning another language is easier the younger you start; the same goes for coding languages. City Hall has taken on a program called “Computer Science For All” to get computer programming in the public school curriculum.

It seems like we can learn a lot from ancient Egypt and we’re about to learn a whole lot more. With new MRI and CAT Scan technology we are now able to learn more about mummies including cause of death.

Dementia has been a battle for most people in one way or another and Lewy Body Dementia is no exception. We take an in-depth look at what is considered the second most common neuro-degenerative disorder.
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Guest List

Prof. Bernard Donefer Distinguished Lecturer, Baruch College

Christopher Emdin, PhD Science Educator

Gabrielle Fialkoff Senior Advisor to the Mayor, City Hall

Emily Fields Computer Science Teacher

John James Show Captain, FMA Live!

Jakub Korecki Developer, Ted the Millionaire, Finstar

Tomasz Korecki CEO, Exeria

Jamie Perez Student

Robert Roberson US Manager, Exeria

Dr. David Hurst Thomas American Museum of Natural History

Dr. Thomas, MD Wisniewski M. Neurologist, NYU Langone

Bartosz Wojcik CTO

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