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This edition: March 2018

Episode Details

Original tape date: February 16, 2018.

First aired: March 7, 2018.

This month on Science & U!:

Carol Anne Riddell and Dr. Max Gomez discuss the extreme flu season we’ve been facing and discuss best ways to avoid catching the flu.

Donna Hanover shows us how the Lehman College School of Continuing and Professional Studies is partnering with global VR company, EON Reality, to make sure some dedicated students are ready for jobs that are still being invented.

Workman Press has just released a new notebook for adolescent girls called, “Bunk 9’s Guide to Growing Up.” Lisa Beth Kovetz sits down with the author Adah Nuchi and Dr. Karen Soren – Head of Teenage Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center to discuss puberty.

For years websites have been claiming they have developed simple computer games that will boost your cognitive function and even stave off Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Dr. Max Gomez speaks with Dr. Peter Davies who’s affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to find out how true these claims are based on scientific research.

Humans aren’t the only species battling through a rough flu season. Carol Anne Riddell invites veterinarian Dr. Amy Attas of City Pets to talk about how there is another flu strain that might get your dog sick.

For More Information:
Virtual Reality – Lehman College
Bunk 9 -
Brain Training -

Guest List

Dr. Amy Attas Veterinarian, City Pets

Ronald M. Bergmann Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Lehman College/CUNY

Michael Brenner VR Training Academy Student, Lehman College/CUNY

Tina Cheng VR Training Academy Student, Lehman College/CUNY

Dr. Peter Davies Professor of Pathology and Neuroscience, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Jane MacKillop, Ph.D. Interim Dean, Lehman College/CUNY

Michael Merzenich Founder, Brain HQ

Vincent Navarro VR Training Academy Student, Lehman College/CUNY

Adah Nuchi Author, “Bunk 9’s Guide to Growing Up”

Dr. Karen Soren Head of Teenage Medicine, Columbia University

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