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This edition: Season 12, #4

Episode Details

Original tape date: December 14, 2012.

First aired: December 30, 2012.

This episode of Study With the Best is taking a look back at this year's most memorable segments. We'll revisit the award winning poet and Brooklyn College Professor, Josh Mehigan. We'll speak with the Brooklyn College Professor and organizer of Occuprint, Jesse Goldstein. We'll revisit the performance of Macbeth in the tunnels under Queen's College with Ralph Carhart. We'll explore the photographic expedition of 12 CUNY Students and their Professor, Scott Sternbach, in Chile. & We'll revisit the City Tech Hospitality Garden with Professor Mark Hellermann and Barry Mitchell.

Guest List

Ralph Carhart Senior CLT, Queens College/CUNY

Jesse Goldstein CUNY Professor and Co-Founder of Occuprint, Brooklyn College

Mark Hellermann Faculty, New York City College of Technology

Neil Kleinberg Alumnus, New York City College of Technology

Lopi LaRoe Artist and Occuprint Contributor, Occuprint

Mr. Joshua Mehigan Teaching Fellow, Brooklyn College

Shellita Orie Student, New York City College of Technology

Thomas Stagnitta Student, Queens College

Scott Sternbach Photography Program Director, LaGuardia Community College

Joslyn Taylor Alumna, New York City College of Technology

Stephen Thompson Student, Brooklyn College

Shaunette Wilson Student, Queens College