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This edition: Season 12, #7: Transitions

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 6, 2013.

First aired: March 31, 2013.

This month, the news magazine show about CUNY looks at transitions. For example, what's it like to transition into fatherhood? We watch this through the lens of La Guardia Community College's Fatherhood Academy. What's it like to transition from a career in Hollywood TV shows back to New York City? Hiram Kasten, comedian and TV actor, walks us through this. We will also take a look at a meditation program in upstate New York - meditation itself being a kind of transition - with Rikki Asher, who runs the Art Education program at Queens College. We profile John Jay College's Jonathan Gray, an expert on graphic novels and comic books who talks about how the comics industry has transformed into a billion-dollar industry. And we'll talk to Juan Pablo Alonso, a recent winner at the 2012 Automated Trading Championships.

Guest List

Juan Pablo Alonso Masters of Financial Engineering, Baruch College, Baruch College

Rikki Asher Director of Arts Education, Queens College

Raheem Brooks Program Director, Fatherhood Academy, La Guardia Community College

Rahmel Evans Student, CUNY Fatherhood Academy, La Guardia Community College

Jonathan Gray Assistant Professor of English, John Jay College

Hiram Kasten Alumni, Lehman College

David Sullivan Associate Professor, Lehman College