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This edition: Cuisine

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 4, 2013.

First aired: April 28, 2013.

This month, the news magazine show about CUNY looks at cuisine throughout and beyond CUNY. Tinabeth Pina anchors the show at the City Tech hospitality management program, where our guides, Susan Lifreiri-Lowry and Joanne Jacus, walk us through some cooking demos. Kristen Battaglia, a City Tech student, enters the first ever U.S. Student Pastry Competition, and how do you think she did? After this, we’ll follow chef and restauranteur Michael Lomonaco at his world-renowned restaurant Porter House New York in the Time Warner Center. We will watch up and coming chef Kubee Kassaye, who migrated here from Ethiopia and has made quite a name for herself in New York restaurants. The Spoons Across America program will teach young children about bees and honey. And finally, we profile one of the few sake samurais in the world, Roger Dagorn. Don’t know what that is? Watch to find out!

Guest List

Kristen Battaglia Student, Winner, 2013 U.S. Pastry Competition, City Tech

Roger Dagorn Adjunct Professor, Wine Education, Sake samurai and sommelier,, City Tech, Tocqueville Restaurant

Lynda A. Dias Assistant Professor , City Tech

Stephen Evetts President of Jurors, City Tech 2013 Pastry Competition

Prof. Joanne Jacus Department of Hospitality Management, NYC College of Technology/CUNY

Kubee Kassaye Alumna, Chef, City Tech, The Peninsula

Susan Lifrieri-Lowry Lecturer, Hospitality Management, City Tech

Michael Lomonaco Executive Chef, Co-Managing Partner, City Tech, Porter House New York

Ali Weisman McDowell Director of Communications, City Tech, Spoons Across America

Suzen O'Rourke Dame Suzen O'Rourke, Les Dames d'Escoffier New York

Cornel Ruhland Executive Chef , The Peninsula New York

Anthony Smith Adjunct Professor , City Tech

Almaz Worgessa Adoptive Mother of Kubee Kassaye