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This edition: Creative Voices from CUNY

Episode Details

Original tape date: June 25, 2017.

First aired: June 25, 2017.

Barry Mitchell sits down with Queens College alumna and famous comedian/talk show host Joy Behar; Kingsborough Community College’s radio program helps broadcast Brooklyn Cyclones games; Chris Emdin, a graduate of the Graduate Center, teaches science using hip hop; fashion scholar Elizabeth Wissinger; and Turkish-born composer Nisan Ak.

Guest List

Nisan Ak Composer, Aaron Copland School of Music

Joy Behar Comedian/Talk Show Host, The View

Christopher Emdin, PhD Science Educator

Rob Herklotz WKRB GM/Faculty Advisor, Kingsborough Community College

Stu Johnson Broadcaster, Brooklyn Cyclones

Kadeem Lundy Student, Kingsborough Community College

Ivan Morrobel Student, Kingsborough Community College