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This edition: This Place Belongs to All of Us: Infrastructure and CUNY

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 22, 2018.

First aired: March 22, 2018.

Transportation expert and Brooklyn College graduate Sam Schwartz recently led the new Ted Kheel Fellowship that’s putting Hunter College students on the track to transportation careers; Amy Starecheski, CUNY Graduate Center alumni and head of the Oral History program at Columbia University, recounts the history of squatting in downtown New York; John Krinsky of City College tells us who maintains the city’s parks; City College professor Marco Castaldi talks to us about human waste management and the effects on the environment; and Peter Groffman of the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center talks to us about the infrastructure challenges of today. Hosted by Tinabeth Pina.

Guest List

Marco Castaldi Professor, City College of New York/CUNY

Julia Fiore

Peter Groffman Environmental Scientist, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

Prof. John Krinsky Professor of Political Science, City College of New York/CUNY

Samuel Schwartz Engineer, New York City Transportation

Amy Starecheski Graduate, The Graduate Center/CUNY