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This edition: Technology and Innovation

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Original tape date: May 8, 2013.

First aired: May 21, 2013.

Robots, smartphones, apps, data transmission, and remarkable innovations like the 3-D printing of human tissue – all are making their mark in health care. TALKING HEALTH, CUNY TV’s series dedicated to health care policies and practices in the U.S., presents an all-new report, Technology and Innovation.

Happtique President & COO Corey Ackerman tells host Mike Gilliam about the company’s innovative mobile platform, offering a variety of apps that assist in patient health as well as the monitoring of patients by physicians. Happtique CEO Ben Chodor advocates for FDA approval of all medical apps and devices, and about the issue of opening more transmission spectrum to ensure the privacy and security of medical data.

CUNY TV correspondents Melissa Rose Cooper and Donna Hanover go on location to see how technology is improving hospital care. Cooper visits the pediatrics department of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. to report on a trial program using Asthmapolis, an FDA-approved mobile device to assist patients and doctors manage asthma treatment. Chairman of Pediatrics Dr. Sanjivan Patel and the Director of Medical Education and Pediatrics, Patrisha Woolard-Pickens, talk about the center’s work using the device, and Pediatric Nurse Manager Rachel McKenny demonstrates the use of Asthmapolis. Cooper also interviews, via Skype, David Van Sickle, Asthmapolis’s CEO.

Guest List

Mr. Corey Ackerman President and Chief Operations Office , Happitque

Mr. Ben Chowder Chief Executive Officer, Happtique

Ms. Rachel McKenny, RN Pediatric Nurse Manager, WycKoff Hospital

Mrs. Myra Ortiz patient's mother

Dr. Nirav Patel, MD Director of Cardiac Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

Dr. Sanjivan Patel, MD Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Dr. Annette Perez-Delboy, MD Director, Labor & Delivery and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Operations, Columbia Doctors

Dr. Jason Spector Associate Professor of Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Medical Medical College

Mr. David Van Sickle Chief Executive Officer, Athmapolis

Dr. Patrisha Woolard-Pickens, MD Director of Medical Education for Dept of Pediatrics, Wyckoff Hospita