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This edition: The School Years: Biosocial Development

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As physical growth slows down for school-age children, nutrition and genetics continue to play an important role for their growing bodies. This lesson explores how high-fat diets, lack of exercise, and genetics have played a part in the rise of obesity among children this age. These factors affect not only how they play and interact with other children but also their future health. Most children this age are better at sports as a result of their improved eye-hand coordination. They have faster reaction times, can run faster, and have a relatively easy time improving their motor skills. The video lesson further discusses how children’s ability in sports has an important impact on their self-esteem. Another area of physical development is biologically based special challenges. The lesson deals with the behaviors associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and offers insights into the impact that ADHD and other learning disorders have on school-age children’s development.