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Latest edition: Chemistry & the Amazing Table

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The more you know about chemistry the more you will be able to predict, control and manipulate the world around you. Since human kind learned to control fire, we have yearned to understand why the world behaves the way it does. Chemistry is often referred to as the “central science,” because of its pivotal role in the study of all other sciences. This lesson will provide the framework for the rest of your study of chemistry. You will learn that matter is all around us, and chemistry helps us categorize matter in many different ways to serve our purposes. Whether we are creating new medications, striving to make our society more “green,” or simply trying to understand why water plays such an important role in our lives, chemistry helps us define the world. Although many tools are used by chemists, it is the periodic table of elements (PTE) that drives our ability to organize the matter around us. From chemical and physical properties, to the states or phases of matter, or the relationship between matter and energy, to the atomic structure that we can’t see, chemists yearn to organize and understand and the periodic table is at the heart of this work.