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This edition: Bonding: Atomic Glue

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Lesson 2 is a crucial lesson because it takes you from discussing the elements in isolation to exploring how these elements interact with each other at the atomic level, and how chemists, including you, can predict these interactions. As you were introduced, or most likely reintroduced, to the elements in the periodic table, you learned the important role protons play in defining one element from the next. As we move our focus to bonding in this lesson you will shift your focus to the electrons, since they define how elements interact with each other. You will learn about the types of bonds that can develop, how to depict those interactions visually, as well as begin to explore some of the rules and strategies that allow chemists to explain why the world around us changes and why it works the way it works. Although you can’t see what is happening around you at the atomic level, this lesson will give you the tools to visualize and understand how elements interact to form materials you use everyday like water, table salt, and more.