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This edition: Ionic Compounds: Opposites Do Attract

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In Lesson 2, you were introduced to the two types of chemical bonds: ionic and covalent. In this lesson, you will dive deeper into the ionic compounds. You will quickly realize that ionic compounds are everywhere: they are found in foods, beverages, medications, and household products and play an important role in your health. As you will learn, some ions are good for you while others can be hazardous to your health. You will continue to use the periodic table to guide your understanding of ionic bonds, but you will also being learning about some bonds that don’t follow some of the rules you have learned about so far. Moreover, you will start to explore some more complex bonds in which compounds form in different ratios to help fulfill the octet rule. You will also learn some naming conventions for ionic compounds, which will be very helpful as you explore the world of this diverse group of compounds.