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Latest edition: Anthony Bianco, columnist Business Week, author, The Bully of Bentonville

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Original tape date: June 8, 2006.

The scope of Wal-Mart is truly breathtaking. If the company's economic output were measured in the way we measure countries it would be the twentieth largest in the world. If it were a city it would be the fifth largest in the United States. But what kind of city is it? You can love it for its amazingly low prices. Or despise it for the way it treats its workers and wipes out mom and pop stores when it rolls into town. Tony Bianco, senior writer for Business Week magazine, discusses what he learned in his two year study of Wal-Mart for his book “The Bully of Bentonville.”

Guest List

Prof. Sarah Bartlett Professor, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Anthony Bianco Columnist, Business Week